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Field service and property management worker

Admicom Flex
Field service and property management solution

An easy-to-use and integrated solution for field work and service management.

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Admicom Flex

Our expertise lies in field service management. Admicom Flex, our comprehensive ready-to-use software, is designed for industries involving mobile work. We deliver it as a modern SaaS cloud service including an Android application for mobile devices.

Admicom Flex provides the tools you need to seamlessly direct and manage mobile work. The employee has all the necessary information with them at all times, and up-to-date and reliable information can also be reviewed by management, hence making their work more flexible.

Admicom Flex is an easy-to-use and integratable solution that enhances mobile work task management and operational control especially in the fields of remote maintenance and service management.      


4 reasons to choose Admicom Flex

Easy to use in the field

Streamline tasks and control operations effortless. You can learn to use Flex mobile app in five minutes.

Speed up your invoicing

Management can monitor the order-to-delivery chain in real time and invoice the work and supplies as soon as the work is completed.

Information flows to your accountant

Flex integrates directly with the financial management systems used by your accountant.

Connect to other softwares

You'll get integrations such as: CRM, financial management, asset management, documentation, extranet. We also implement custom integrations for clients.

Cateva Oy

"Thanks to Admicom Flex's easy-to-use mobile application, all essential task information seamlessly transmits between field technicians and management.  Thanks to Flex, the workload of supervisors and the time spent on invoicing have decreased significantly. Now we are able to send invoices to our customers faster than before. Cooperation with Flex has been smooth and effortless."

- Markku Sevón, CEO, Cateva Oy  -

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Admicom Flex – Key features

With Admicom Flex, you can easily manage maintenance and service management. Read more about the features below. 


Integrate your sales and order management system with Flex, including Salesforce. Collaboration with your current finance and payroll management partner is seamless, as Flex offers ready integrations with various financial management systems, such as Procountor, Netvisor, Talenom and Fennoa. In addition, Flex integrates with other external systems, such as Mapon, Tampuuri and LVISNet. 

Streamline billing processes

Benefit from the capability to invoice rapidly from anywhere, with all billing details available immediately upon task completion. Purchases from HVAC wholesalers are automatically assigned to the correct task for invoicing and easier allocation of expenses. 

Quality management and documentation

We have built an integration between Admicom Flex and Admicom Vision. Easily fill out task-specific forms and protocols in Vision, whilst keeping track of tasks and invoicing in Flex.

Task management

Reduce resource idle time and waste with a convenient planning view. Easily track your employees' efficiency and billing rate as well.

Easy access to information

Admicom Flex provides real-time visibility into your company's work and resource status, facilitating not only current decision-making but also retrospective analysis of completed projects. This comprehensive accessibility reduces the need for unnecessary inquiries, promoting a more streamlined workflow and transparency.

Automation for enhanced productivity

Admicom Flex’s built-in automation increases operational efficiency and streamlines workdays. Generate task-specific reports with a single click and let automation handle customer communications, sending timely messages such as task initiation or completion notifications.

Effective methods and processes

Flex has been developed in cooperation with companies specialised in field service work. Flex is uniquely positioned to provide our customers with the industry's best practices. 

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