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Admicom Ultima –
Enterprise resource planning solution

A highly automated and comprehensive ERP solution for companies in construction and building services engineering 

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Admicom Ultima

Admicom Ultima is the most versatile ERP software system for the construction industry in Finland. Ultima’s built-in automation removes unnecessary routine work from the construction site and back office, provides accurate data for management, helps improve profitability and brings quality and productivity to your business operations. With Ultima you can focus on your core competences and unleash your knowledge and experience. 

Ultima provides comprehensive services for different sectors in the construction industry and scales for both large and small businesses. The fully cloud-based solution travels with you, no matter where you are. 

4 reasons to choose Admicom Ultima

Manage your business comprehensively

Ultima has solutions for managing all your company’s functions as it has been developed to serve various needs of the construction industry.

Streamlines business processes

With Ultima you can manage your company's finances, projects and internal business processes centrally with a modern system that helps you streamline your operations.

Reduce manual work

Ultima’s top notch automation does routine tasks for you and compiles up-to-date data for decision-making, you are able to increase efficiency and save time.

Lead with the right information

With access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date information about your company's finances and projects you can react more rapidly and improve your business profitability.

SRH Rakennus Oy

”I would say that we have freed up four days’ worth of time per week, which means that most of the back-office work doesn’t exist anymore. This software pays for itself as I save so much time for developing the operations - and I would anyway be willing to pay for my well-being." 

-Henry Haatainen-

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Admicom Ultima – Key features

Admicom Ultima has comprehensive solutions for managing your entire business. With a highly automated solution, you improve the productivity, profitability and quality of your company's operations and can manage cash flows more efficiently. Read more about features below. 

Bid calculation (incl. up-to-date price lists, own packages and additional work offers)

With Ultima, you gain speed and accuracy for bid calculation as the costs are available and you can quickly view from the offer what the price contains. This enables you to submit significantly more offers than with traditional methods. 

Calculations are always based on up-to-date prices and actual costs, and you can easily modify the content and pricing. Processes can be tailored for your company's practices. 

We recommend Ultima's quote calculation especially for building services engineering companies. Companies in construction sector should also find out what benefits could be gained from combining quantity and cost calculation tools with Admicom Estima solutions. 

Project management (incl. budgeting, target assessment, equipment, subcontracting) 

You calculate offers with industry-leading solutions, schedule tasks and create budgets. Budgeting with Ultima is easy, because the information in the offer can be transferred to the budget and the basis for financial monitoring with one click of a button. Project target estimates calculated with Admicom Estima can be seamlessly transferred to Ultima for financial management and reporting, as the easy interface connection establishes the necessary charts and brings the quantity and input information, such as euro amounts by cost type. 

Ultima's cost group tracking is based on the company's actual transactions. The report shows the project’s target estimate, realized and committed costs, forecasts and actual invoicing with one view. Monitoring and comparing of the budget, forecast and actuals, as well as capability to drill down to transactions form a unique tool for construction sites and companies. 

With Ultima, you can easily manage the tasks closely related to the project, such as equipment, subcontracting, access control, and site orientations and final reporting. With asset management, you manage your company's equipment and attachments and procedures related to it in one place. By utilizing the subcontractor payment instalment tables, you ensure that the subcontracting is also invoiced as agreed. 

With Ultima's functions, you can also easily handle job site orientations, access control and financial reporting. TR/MVR measurements and site diaries for documenting the site are also available. Admicom Vision solution is also available for documenting and is compatible with Ultima. 

Project monitoring and reporting (incl. income and expense estimate, percentage of completion, foundation contracting) 

Automated and real-time project reporting in Ultima provides you with very accurate and versatile information about the status of your projects without having to combine the data from various sources. Thanks to the unique drill-down reporting, you can view your project's income and expenses very closely, even down to transaction level. Project monitoring is connected to accounting, so all transactions are based on your company's actual income and expenses. 

You also have access to automated percentage of completion reporting, automated VAT processing for foundation contracting, and income and expenditure estimates for projects, which enable effective planning of future cash flows and financing and helps forecast the realization of projects. Ultima also fulfills construction compliance obligations for you, as it automatically collects and reports contract and employee information for the tax authorities. 

Invoicing (incl. work orders, electronic work order and maintenance and contract invoicing) 

Organizing work in Ultima is flexible with a versatile calendar. The electronic work order is an effective tool for managing orders from receipt to invoicing, as the entries made on the job site are immediately available also for invoicing. Ultima creates a sales invoice template that can be modified and handles invoicing in accordance with the general contract teams and household deductions for consumer customers. 

You can also create a register of deliverables and rental equipment used in work orders, manage recurring invoicing with installments, organize work related to maintenance and contract billing, and receive work requests from customers with a template that can be implemented on your website. In Ultima, you also have a map view for an easy overview of the work in various stages and directions to the construction site of your choice. 

Mobile functions 

Ultima mobile is a useful tool for construction site records, as it makes processing of various jobs and related hours, supplies, deliverables and equipment easy straight from the field. In mobile, employees can also conveniently process their vacations and absences, work safety measurements, time tracking, and access control entries. 

With the mobile version, you ensure that the data between the construction site and the office is transferred accurately and in real time, as the recorded hours are available simultaneously for payroll, project monitoring and, if necessary, for sales invoicing. 

Depending on the user's role, the mobile version also has access to processing of purchase invoices and customer billing among other things. If you are also using Admicom Vision for documentation, it is also available in Ultima mobile. 

Tools for management (incl. financial and project monitoring, reporting, management accounting and multi-company management) 

From Ultima, you get the industry's most accurate and versatile information about your company's business. Ultima’s reporting grants you real-time information of your business and allows you to react rapidly to changing situations. 

Ultima is the only software in the industry where you can view accounting, project management, and management accounting at transaction level with drill-down reporting. You can also view e.g. the distribution of your company's expenses and income between different departments, locations and industries, and monitor productivity and profitability per employee. 

If you manage several companies, you can use Ultima’s multi-company environment with one log in. 

Financial management (incl. customer invoicing, supplier invoices, cash management and financial statements) 

Your company's finances are managed electronically with Ultima’s financial management tools for supplier payments, customer invoicing and accounting, for example. You can also accurately estimate your future expenses and income from the financial forecast. 

Ultima e.g. compiles invoicing information for you as entries are made, and directs purchases to the right job or customer. The processing and management of supplier invoices is also highly automated, as Ultima takes care of assigning, cycling and payments of invoices without logging into a separate banking system. The solution e.g. shows difference in price between the order and the invoice, automatically transfers the information to accounting and enables easy invoicing. 

Preparing of the financial statements is also easy as the automation compiles the information including the attachments. 

Accounting and payroll (incl. tax return, automated payments and salaries)

The status of your business is always at hand with Ultima's real-time accounting, so forecasting and reacting is easier. The solution compiles accounting information automatically as you manage your daily work. With accounting as an integral part of the Enterprise Resource Planning, you always get 100% up-to-date and reliable information and the correct situational view 24/7. 

Ultima e.g. serves as your company's online bank and you can also make domestic payments that are not processed through accounts payable. Submitting tax returns is also easy, as the system collects the necessary information automatically, and the completed tax return can be submitted electronically directly from Ultima. 

Ultima also includes payroll administration, where time entries are made electronically and payroll is highly automated. Employees can enter their travel claims and track their holidays and absences directly from the electronic calendar in the browser or on mobile. 


Purchase management (incl. purchase needs and orders and requests for purchase offers) 

Project material purchases and subcontracting can be managed with one view from Ultima's purchase management tools. You plan and schedule purchases, compare prices and tender suppliers, place orders and monitor the realization of purchase prices compared to the original budget. With more effective purchase management, you will also improve your margins. 

Financing services (incl. Admicom Kassajousto and factoring invoicing) 

Company’s cash flows can be seamlessly monitored with Ultima's highly automated financial forecast.If necessary, you can also use our financing services to secure your cash flowby preparing for long payment times or unexpected expenses, or example. 

Admicom Kassajousto is an easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective financing solution that helps you prepare for unexpected situations or finance short-term project purchases. You can also take advantage of the factoring services offered directly from Ultima by Nordea, OP, Svea Rahoitus and Noja Rahoitus. Through Noja Rahoitus, you can also insure your company's receivables. 

Maintained price lists (incl. general price list and similar products) 

In Ultima, you have a general price list at your disposal, where we maintain the prices for more than 40 suppliers of building services engineering and construction products for you. You always calculate your offer and make purchases at up-to-date purchase prices. You can also use similar products, in which case Ultima tells you which products can be replaced with another product and searches for the most affordable prices among these replacement products. 

Store operations and inventory management (incl. barcode collection and checkout functions) 

In Ultima, the store operations are linked to the price list and inventory. Supplies are easily collected with a barcode scanner in the store or in the warehouse, and the information can be transferred directly to the cash register, warehouse shipment, work orders and purchase needs. 

With Ultima's cash functions, payments can be made with cash, card or invoice, and sales transactions are automatically recorded in accounting. Warehouse operations are also highly automated and, for example, adding products to an invoice or accepting a purchase invoice changes the inventory balance automatically. 

Information management (incl. documents, forms, CRM, language versions) 

Thanks to electronic document management, your company's documents and images are safely stored and in the right place. Information can be found quickly and is available to everyone at any time. In Ultima, you can utlize e.g. pdf-forms in the electronic management of various forms and the images on your own mobile device in documenting. 

Customer information can also be maintained in one system, which you can use not only in Finnish, but also in Swedish and English. 

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