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Admicom Customer Specialists

Our services

In addition to software solutions, we offer services for our customers in the construction, building services engineering and real estate sectors.

Authorised accounting company

We offer reliable, authorised, industry-savvy, personal accounting services. 

Our team consists of more than 70 accounting and payroll professionals, trusted by more than 700 Finnish companies.

Training and consulting

Adopting new software can be daunting. We have helped thousands of companies with the implementation of our software, so you can rely on us to make the process smooth and easy.  

We ensure that your employees are fully trained on the new software. You can, however, use the allocated training hours also after the implementation phase.

6 reasons to choose Admicom accounting firm

Experts in the business

Our accounting services are authorised by Suomen Taloushallintoliitto ry, and therefore our operating methods are based on industry standards. You can trust in our expertise and us continuously developing our skills. 

Cost effective

Our software solutions save you time, and minimise accounting costs, as their built-in automation will handle financial administration tasks for you.  For this reason, our accounting services are very competitively priced.


We specialise in the construction, building services engineering and real estate services industries, hence we have a deep understanding of our customers’ business. In addition, our fast and accurate financial reporting gives a competitive advantage for our customers.


We operate fully electronically, so you always get high-quality, fast service regardless of your company's location. You can forget about delivering hard copies to your accountant. All financial reports and accounting activities are recorded and stored electronically in our ERP software, Admicom Ultima, thus automating the collection of financial data. 


With Admicom Ultima ERP, you do not pay us for making routine entries, but rather for the modern and fast accounting service. A practical example of our modern way of working is our group's record-fast financial reporting to the investors.


Our accounting services are flexible, and they are always tailored to our customer’s needs. You get your personal accountant and payroll specialist, who you can turn to with any questions or concerns.  

Vieskan Sähköpalvelu

”All financial documents are always accessible to your accountant and auditor, so you don’t need to spend time looking for them and sending out hard copies. ” 

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Book a live demo with our expert, where we will evaluate together what software package best supports your company’s future.  

Booking a live demo does not commit you in any way.