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Admicom Tempo – Scheduling sofware

Easy-to-use software for scheduling and project management for construction projects.

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Admicom Tempo

Admicom Tempo is a cloud-based solution for scheduling construction projects. The software ensures that work progresses according to plans, optimizing time usage. Tempo is suitable for both large and small construction companies, offering real-time updates for all project stakeholders. 

In addition to our scheduling solutions, Admicom Insite, our cost monitoring tool, supports production management.  

4 reasons to choose Admicom Tempo

Efficient scheduling

With Tempo, you ensure that on-site work progresses according to plans, promoting efficient use of time. Effective schedule management not only reduces waste but also saves money.

Flexible usage anywhere

This cloud-based solution allows you to work from anywhere, using the device of your choice. The user interface is adaptable for computers and mobile devices.

Facilitates collaboration

The cloud-based solution enables real-time information updates for all project stakeholders, ensuring smooth communication and efficient data exchange.

Ideal for smaller companies

Unlike other scheduling software, Tempo is also well-suited for small construction companies, offering order types that cater to various needs.


Choose the order type

Tempo offers solutions tailored to companies of all sizes, ensuring efficient time utilisation and minimising waste throughout every project lifecycle.

Select the order type that best fits your company's requirements.


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Project monitoring
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  19 EUR / user /  month 49 EUR / user / month


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Admicom Tempo – Key features

With Admicom Tempo, you can easily manage construction scheduling. Read more about the features below.

Gantt chart

Tempo is user-friendly, allowing you to schedule construction projects without prior experience or extensive training. You can start with a simple segment diagram and later add more details for a comprehensive view of the schedule. 

Currently, Gantt charts are available in Tempo, and other schedule types will be introduced later. 

Project monitoring 

With Tempo, you can monitor the project’s current status and compare it to the original plan. This helps in project management and swiftly identifies potential issues. 

Tempo's tracking tools are evolving rapidly. Future integrations with our group's other software will enable more in-depth analysis and reporting, simplifying the identification of inefficiencies on construction sites and enhancing the results of current and future projects. 


By using the printing feature, you can export the entire project or a specific part in PDF format. The printout can then be distributed to the site parties, such as displaying it on the wall of the construction site office. 

Sharing information 

Sharing information is effortless with Tempo's cloud-based user interface. Changes are instantly updated for all project parties, ensuring everyone has the same, up-to-date information about the project’s status. 

Additionally, you can transfer information from Tempo to other software using file-based data transfer. 


The resourcing feature allows you to assign an employee, contractor, or machine/equipment to tasks. It provides visibility into task hours and resource availability. 

Multi-project view

Tempo allows you to view multiple projects simultaneously. Examining several projects together with resource allocation provides a clearer understanding of resource adequacy shared between projects. 


Integrations with Admicom's other software ensure that the schedule aligns seamlessly with the original plans, calculations, and actual execution.

Comprehensive schedule planning tools can be connected to Admicom Tempo, including time-location chart and takt planning. Through Admicom Planner integration, traditional schedules can be transferred to the cloud for real-time monitoring and information sharing.

The integration with Admicom Vision documentation software enables the linking of plans and quality documents to schedule tasks. This integration enables project schedulers to effortlessly access documents related to work phases.

Admicom Insite – cost monitoring software 

Admicom Insite serves as a tool for managing project revenues and costs, directly accessible from Admicom Estima's interface. The solution offers a systematic and transparent way to monitor the status, costs, and forecast of the construction project in real-time. The tool clearly illustrates changes that may impact project success. 

During the construction project, unexpected developments are inevitable. Prompt information about changes and their effects on costs, revenues, and schedules is crucial. With Admicom Insite, you gain a clear understanding of the project's profitability, allowing for reliable predictions of the end result. 

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