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Admicom Estima
Cost calculation software

Quantity and cost estimation software for construction businesses.

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Admicom Estima

Admicom Estima offers Finland's most advanced and versatile solutions for construction quantity and cost estimation. Our cloud-based solution eliminates the need for additional data transfers and searching for prices - everything you need is in one software. 

We have two versions of Estima: Estima Pro for small companies and subcontractors with lighter estimation needs, and Estima Premium for professional estimators in large companies, handling complex calculations.

We also recommend Admicom BIM3 software for utilising data models in the entire building production process. 

4 reasons to choose Admicom Estima

Covers the entire calculation process

Estima covers the entire cost estimation process, starting from quantity take-off to budgeting and updates the estimates when plans change.

Maintained cost information

Utilise our cost information library for estimating with up-to-date prices. The library contains thousands of construction parts, deliverables, and inputs.

Ensures reliable calculations

Save time by always relying on accurate formulas and ensuring that all costs have been considered.

Improves site operations

Transparent and up-to-date information provides certainty to construction site operations, improving efficiency and reducing waste.

K-S Mestarityö Oy

"Almost all the outputs and inputs we require are available in the software, but they can also be modified if necessary. We implement a lot of different projects, so it is important for us that the estimation tool also adapts to different needs. When the calculation history starts to accumulate, we are able to mirror new calculations to it, how previous calculations are constructed."

- Tero Saikkonen -


Choose the order type 

With Admicom Estima, you can calculate quantities and costs for construction sites of any size. Transparent and up-to-date information ensures certainty in construction site operations, enhancing efficiency and minimising waste. 

Estima provides tailored solutions for companies of all sizes. Select the order type that best fits your company's requirements. 


  Estima Pro Estima Premium
2D quantity take-off
Component/Activity based calculation
Cost group based target budgeting
Bid calculation
Integration to Ultima
Building element calculation  
Location and sub-project based estimation  
API interface  


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Admicom Estima – Key features

Admicom Estima offers versatile solutions for construction quantity and cost calculation. Read more about the features below.

Developed for builders 

Estima has been developed with more than 30 years of experience to meet the needs of builders. It simplifies estimations with tools for quantity and cost estimation, a ready-to-use construction price list, and transparent information for everyone involved in the project. 

Quantity take-off from PDF images 

Quantity take-off is crucial for managing information in a construction project. Quantitative information is used at every stage of the project, from cost estimation and scheduling to procurement and cost control. 

You can easily import Bills of Quantities into Estima from common data models or traditional 2D plans.  

Ready-made price lists 

With Estima, you don't have to start estimating from scratch. You get access to ready-made libraries with over 2,000 construction parts, 3,300 activities, and 3,500 resources. These cover common costs of both new and renovation construction. The information in the library is open up to the resource level and freely editable by the estimator and updated annually. 

All information in one place 

In Estima, the calculation estimation information is always stored and can be shared among different parties involved in the construction project. For example, there is no need to re-measure quantities at the construction site because you can always check from the software where the quantities were measured for each work phase. 

When there are changes to the project, the latest drawing can be downloaded at the site, and measurements can be adjusted to align with the updated plan. Companies can use previous calculations as reference projects, learning from them to enhance accuracy of the calculations and the overall success of future projects. 

All phases of the project 

Estima covers all phases of a construction project. You can utilise calculation data for cost monitoring and export it to Admicom Tempo or Admicom Planner for scheduling, as well as Admicom Ultima or Insite for project management and monitoring. Additionally, you can also export estimation information to other financial management systems. 

The software serves as a comprehensive support system for the construction project, acting as both a tool for the cost estimator and a shared information bank for the company. 

Quantities by location 

Estima Premium allows recording quantities of building elements and activities in the estimate by location. This location information proves useful on the construction site, in procurement, and in schedule planning with Planner. Modifying a building element or activity in multiple locations of the project can be done at once in one place. 

For cost estimation, quantity data by location can be obtained from both Admicom BIM3 and PDF-based quantity take-off. 


Estima supports commonly used transfer formats for Bills of Quantities in Finland. You can confidently purchase the quantities from external sources and price them within the estimation program. 

Information from cost accounting is easily transferred to other Admicom software for production planning, reporting, scheduling, and monitoring.

Production planning 

Estima's cost information enables a crucial flow of information between cost estimation and production. This allows for the automatic generation of a preliminary production plan, target estimate, and procurement groupings for the project. 

As a result of production planning, a preliminary schedule, target estimate, and procurement grouping are created. 

Admicom BIM3 – Information modeling software

Admicom BIM3 is a dedicated software providing the most comprehensive and flexible solution for utilising data models throughout the entire construction production process. BIM3 enables the application of 5D BIM principles more effectively across the entire construction process. 

In Admicom BIM3, information can be processed and shared to be used in all functions and phases of the construction project. Visualisation has been added to the entire construction process, allowing for more precise evaluations of schedules, costs, purchases, and associated risks. This enhances process management throughout the building's entire life cycle, making it more efficient. 

The software includes solutions for checking and modifying IFC models to be suitable for estimation and production. It also offers comprehensive solutions for producing estimation quantity and cost information, and production solutions that leverage the benefits of the data model for management and subcontractors. 

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