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Photo in a mobile phone screen: Documentation of a building structures

Admicom Vision –
Documentation software

An easy-to-use mobile documentation tool that improves productivity.

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Admicom Vision

Admicom Vision is a software solution tailored for the construction and real estate industries. With Vision, you can effortlessly collect information on-site and generate reports, saving time and money for your company. Documenting work has never been easier. 

Vision has been developed for construction, facilities management, maintenance services, and real estate companies of all sizes. You can find the best solutions for various documentation use cases, including construction sites, facilities, and property management, within the ready-made industry packages.

4 reasons to choose Admicom Vision

Easy documentation

Utilise speech-to-text function or write reports easily and quickly in the field and share them with others in the software. Send the finished PDF reports directly from your mobile device.

Improve productivity

The intuitive UI and ease of use of the software save time. Documenting the work on-site ensures higher quality, which helps to achieve considerable cost savings.

Fewer mistakes and disagreements

Users who produce accurate and comprehensive reports reduce rework and protect your business, as well as improve customer satisfaction.

Effortless information flow

Communication between stakeholders is fluent when you can easily communicate between all stakeholders.

Granlund Oy

”Many workflow phases that used to be transferred from the construction site to the office can now be completed on-site. For example, you can request the contractor's electronic signature on the site memo immediately, eliminating the need for office handling. From my perspective, it's difficult to find more competitive software for this purpose on the market.”

- Timo-Mikael Sivula -

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Vision provides a solution for companies of all sizes. You can trial the software for a week for free.  

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Admicom Vision – Key features

Admicom Vision enables easy real-time quality documentation on-site, saving time and money while securing your business. Read more about the features below. 

Electronic documentation in the field 

Produce comprehensive documentations digitally with your mobile device - anywhere, anytime. Documentation is easy and fast, and all information remains secure in the cloud. Moveover, the quality of reporting improves, helping you to avoid errors and complaints while improving productivity. 

In addition to writing, you can utilise the speech-to-text function, significantly expediting documentation. Take photos and videos of the work, and the files are automatically saved in the appropriate place within the right report. You can also upload images and video files to the application from your mobile device or computer gallery. 

Share function 

Vision facilitates easy and significantly faster document sharing compared to traditional methods. You can easily share all documents with other users of the application, such as clients and subcontractors, and grant access or view-only rights as needed. You can share entire folders or just specific reports. Share entire folders or specific reports with ease. 

Each entry is timestamped with the time and author, and if desired, you can receive notifications whenever a document is edited. You can also send notification to others if additional information about a document is needed.

PDF reports 

Reports generated with Vision can always be saved as PDF reports ready for printing. Document directly from the construction site, electronically sign documents, and produce a printable report with just one click. You can also share the signed PDF report directly from the field. 

Floor plan tool 

Mark defects and rework notifications directly in the floor plan tool, categorising them for each subcontractor. Write, dictate, and add photos, and the entries are automatically saved in the appropriate location within the floor plan viewer. Easily notify about changes and monitor the progress of rework and repairs in real time. 

Ready-made folder structures and report templates 

Vision provides ready-made folder structures and report templates. Employees and contractors receive clear work instructions from the report templates, expediting work and improving quality by ensuring no step is missed.

You can utilise the Vision Template Editor tool to customise your report templates to fulfill your specific needs.

Occupational safety 

Fill out the construction site report and send it to the supervisor for approval. With Vision, you can easily and effectively report while maintaining high quality, ensuring workplace safety. Additionally, you can improve workplace safety with metrics available in the application, such as safety observation reports and incident reports. 

Integrations with other systems 

Vision seamlessly works with Admicom's other software solutions. For instance, you can trigger the creation of predetermined Vision documentation templates directly from Admicom Ultima or Admicom Flex. This ensures you collect all necessary documentation from the construction site. The generated material can also be included as an attachment to invoices using integration.

The integration with Admicom Tempo scheduling software enables the linking of plans and quality documents to schedule tasks. This integration enables project schedulers to effortlessly access documents related to work phases. 

Moreover, Vision integrates seamlessly with other systems via an API interface, allowing you to transfer documents and information from the application to other systems. 


Choose the right package

Vision offers a solution for companies of all sizes. Choose from ready-made packages or customise one to meet your specific requirements.


45 EUR/month

One user
Unlimited projects
Document templates for the selected industry
Sharing outside the organisation *
Company logo for documents
Online support and knowledge base
Implementation training (webinar)
Documented quality certification


65 EUR/user/month

All Pro features
Multiple users
Sharing with team members
Editor for editing document templates
Extensive building of operating environments
Subcontracting network management
Admicom Ultima integration option
System integrations and REST API **


Flexible pricing

All Team features
Customer-specific service need assessment and implementation planning
All features selectable
Consulting service
Named contact person

All prices include 0% VAT

* Sharing with reading rights 1 EUR/month/user and editing rights 15 EUR/month/user

** REST API +65 EUR/month

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