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Admicom Trackinno - asset management and maintenance solution

Trackinno is a flexible platform for asset management and maintenance management. It helps you save time and access all relevant information anywhere, anytime.
80%* less time spent on recurring tasks with the help of Trackinno asset management

Admicom Trackinno

Whether it’s finding the right equipment and documents, reporting maintenance tasks on-site or performing inventory, Trackinno helps you cut down time spent on recurring tasks. Boost efficiency and simplify day-to-day work life with Trackinno!

*According to our customer feedback

Benefits of Admicom Trackinno asset management

Easy implementation

Our experts help you to get started with the software.

Import from Excel

Asset information can be imported to Trackinno with an Excel file.

Comprehensive filters

Comprehensive filtersMake specific searches and save them as shortcuts.

User roles

Limit content and features based on user roles.

Visualized statistics

Use visualized statistics to support decision making.

Easily integrated

Trackinno also integrates to other systems.


Trackinno is configured to fit your company’s needs.

Works offline

Trackinno works also where there’s no Internet available.

Chaotic and inefficient
User-friendly and effective

Comprehensive features for asset management

Trackinno offers versatile tools for asset and maintenance management. The system has been developed in close cooperation with our customers, and we have combined the best asset management practices from multiple fields. This makes Trackinno an excellent tool for business asset management whatever the industry.

Asset register

  • All asset information is in one place and always accessible
  • Reviewing and updating information is easy even with mobile devices
  • Dynamic data structure and outlook
  • Comprehensive search functions

With Trackinno’s asset register, your company’s assets and other goods information is held in one place and always available to you. An up to date asset register is the basis of functional asset management.

Trackinno offers versatile tools for asset management configuration. The asset register is tailored to suit your business needs! You can define what asset information is shown in the list view, and create default and locked views for different user roles.

You can build the asset register in a hierarchical fashion to be able to utilise the categories and device models or titles you have defined. Additionally, you can create information fields in the system dynamically. For example, you can define a data field that is only shown for devices of a specific model or category.

Asset planning

  • Easy scheduling of asset bookings and maintenance
  • Recognition of investment needs
  • Assets available when needed

With Trackinno, planning your asset booking and maintenance schedule is easy and in one place. From the equipment’s schedule view you can see in one look if the equipment is available on specific dates and who has booked the asset.

From the asset schedule view you can also see how much the asset is in use. Based on the asset usage level you can recognise if your business has investment needs related to the asset, or if it has assets it does not need.

Trackinno keeps asset bookings and maintenance schedules up to date. The system prevents double bookings and other situations where equipment is not available when it is needed.

Asset borrowing and returning

  • Up to date information about where the asset is and who is using it
  • It is easy to log entries related to the asset by using the tags attached to each asset

From the entries made at equipment borrowing and return, you can see where the asset is and who is using it. Each asset’s bookings and usage history are saved securely on the device’s card.

Logging entries related to the asset’s bookings, borrowing and return is easy in Trackinno. It is easiest to do using a smartphone. You just need to read the tag attached to each asset (such as a QR code, bar code or NFC tag) and tap on the “Check in” or “Check out” button! If required, a signature can also be requested with each entry.

Electronic forms

  • Free yourself from paper forms and other scattered data collection
  • The opportunity to create an endless number of different forms
  • You can limit the forms and form fields according to user type

With electronic forms, you can fill in different types of inspection forms easily on your mobile device. Electronic forms stay safe in one place and are easily accessible even over long periods of time. You can get rid of paper forms and other scattered data collection methods whose filing is time consuming and that make information use difficult.

In Trackinno you can create a limitless amount of different forms. You can define compulsory fields for the forms, and choose to show or hide fields depending on user role or the answers given. You can also add instructions to the forms, to help users fill in the forms correctly. It is easy to make different versions of the same form for different device types or names.

From the data collected by the forms, you can create statistics for reporting for each device (e.g. the number of hours in use or the kilometres driven). Reporting work outwards is easier, since the reports can be printed in PDF format and sent from the system directly into specified email addresses.

You can create public forms in Trackinno. This way a user who is not signed in can fill in e.g. an issue report by reading the QR code of the device on their smartphone.

Proactive maintenance

  • The opportunity to create an endless number of maintenance programs and repeated tasks
  • The asset’s maintenance history is reported reliably

Tasks related to proactive maintenance could be periodic inspections, yearly maintenance and calibration. You can create maintenance programs for these and repeated tasks based on things like time, mileage or usage hours. These tasks will be added to the devices automatically, so that important maintenance events do not get accidentally forgotten.

All maintenance events for individual devices will be stored on the device card’s timeline. On the timeline it is easy to see what maintenance the device has received throughout its lifetime. Systematic asset maintenance keeps the equipment useable for a longer period of time. It also reduces the risk of sudden issues and situations, where the equipment is not useable when it is needed.

Error reports

  • Submit an error report easily on your mobile device
  • Take care of reporting and adding entries on location
  • Filter reports by team, location or status
  • Check the error reports in the calendar view and notice works without resources easily

    With the error reports, you can get sudden issues under control and can be assured that the reports are handled and fixes are done. Submitting an error report is easy on both the mobile app and the browser. New issue reports can be sent to the person responsible via email or push notifications. Error reports will appear in the device card and actions list.

    You can create public forms in Trackinno. With public forms, a user who is not logged in can also send an issue report by reading the QR code on the equipment with their smartphone.

    Maintenance for customers can be batched as work orders in Trackinno. With work orders a report can be printed of the maintenance work done and any billable items such as the hours spent and any supply parts. With the work orders you can guarantee that all jobs are also billed.

Inventory management

  • Find out easily what assets are in what storage space
  • Efficient and reliable inventory
  • Alarms based on storage quotas

    Trackinno makes storage management easy, efficient and reliable. The system allows you to manage assets, spare parts and consumables. Information about what equipment your company has and where it is located is kept up to date and always accessible.

    In Trackinno you can find with one click what asset is in what storage space or location. You can create an endless amount of storage spaces and locations in the system and define them however best makes sense for your organisation.

    Trackinno’s storage maintenance allows you to define limits for your storage balance by item. This way you get an alert when the balance falls below the limit. All events related to storage and balance changes are saved on the timeline of each item. The system offers a summary of quantities and the value of the storage, and you can also export the data to Excel.

Asset orders

  • Transfers between storage spaces to the site and back
  • Order spare parts from vendors based on the shortage list available in Trackinno
  • Collect and receive orders on your mobile device
  • Monitor the situation and notifications of order status change

Trackinno lets you receive and create different types of asset orders. For example, you can make internal orders between storage spaces or from the storage spaces to the site and back.

Collection and deficiency reporting are also easy to do on your mobile device. In Trackinno you can make return requests on the field and inventory before storage. You can stay up to date on orders with the status reports.

You can use the order feature also to order spare parts directly from the supplier. You can make an order based on a shortage list available in Trackinno. A list of the products to be ordered will be sent from the Trackinno system directly to the supplier by email. When the delivery is marked as received, the storage balance will be automatically filled in the system.

Indoor positioning

  • The information about assets and other trackable items is kept up to date without manual work
  • Real time location mapping of the tracked item
  • Review routes and location history

Automate and improve your business with indoor positioning! The Trackinno system combines new indoor positioning technologies in one easy to use tool. Our solutions vary form zone-based positioning to high accuracy positioning.

Trackinno’s indoor tracking solution has many uses, such as automatic storage balance management, route analysis and process optimisation. The data is always available on mobile device and computer. The indoor positioning solution works seamlessly with other Trackinno features.

Mobile applications

  • Available to download from app stores for Android and iOS devices
  • All asset information travels easily in your pocket
  • Receive push notifications about system events
  • Work even in offline mode

Trackinno Mobile is a very easy to use app with features that can be specified precisely to suit your business. Our principle is that the end user is shown all they need to see, but nothing they don’t. This way the application use is kept simple. Features can be turned on or off also depending on user role.

With the Trackinno app you can find all asset information in your own pocket. By scanning the code on the device, you can easily find e.g. the device’s calibration certificates, maintenance instructions, reservation status and usage history.

With the mobile app it is easy to confirm receipt of items related to the device on the field and fill in the electronic form about scheduled maintenance. You can also receive push notifications about system events, and working is easy also in the offline mode.

Tags and identifiers

  • Tilaa tunnisteet Trackinnolta tai käytä olemassa olevia viivakoodeja
  • You can use the Trackinno Mobile app to read the identifiers, or you can use readers like Nautiz
  • Using a GPS locator you can receive automatic data about the asset’s movements

In Trackinno the asset can be marked with a QR code, bar code or NFC code. Different tags and identifiers can function as links between the physical asset piece and the digital device card in the system.

You can read the asset’s tag with the Trackinno mobile app. By scanning the code with a smartphone, you can access the device’s data directly and the device’s map location is updated in the system automatically. The Trackinno Mobile app also works with the Nautiz reader, which can be used as a centralised reader in more challenging circumstances.

We always map the best tag and identifier options depending on the customer’s usage situation and the environment.


Trackinno Mobile: a user-friendly app for asset management

All asset information in your pocket

By scanning a tag attached to an asset with Trackinno Mobile app, you can easily check that asset’s information such as calibration certifications, maintenance instructions and other attachments, as well as reservation status and usage history.

Adapts to your company’s operations

Trackinno Mobile is a user-friendly app and its settings are carefully tailored to fit your company’s needs. We can also show and hide features based on user roles.

Available for both Android and iOS

Trackinno Mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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