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Admicom Insite –
Cost monitoring

Admicom Insite is a tool designed for construction company management, controllers, production management, and project managers to oversee profits and costs. 

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Admicom Insite

Insite provides a systematic and transparent way to monitor the real-time status, costs, and forecast of construction projects. The reporting software clearly illustrates changes that can impact the project’s success. 

The journey from groundwork to move-in-ready is extensive, and despite careful planning thorough work, unexpected events are inevitable. Timely information about changes and their effects on costs, revenues, and schedules is crucial. 

Throughout the project, cash flows fluctuate in both directions. Insite offers a clear view of the project's profitability and provides reliable predictions for the final result. 

Admicom Insite is now integrated into the same interface as our cost estimation software, Estima Pro and Premium, simplifying financial monitoring.  

We also offer comprehensive integrations with various financial management systems. 

6 reasons to choose Admicom Insite

Developed for Finnish construction 

  • Supports Finnish project cost management practices
  • Connections to several Finnish financial management applications  

Controls the profits

  • Instalment table import
  • Forecasting of due instalments
  • Acceptance of payment instalments
  • Processing of changes and additions 

Cost control

  • Importing invoices and salaries from financial and payroll administration systems
  • Access to up-to-date cost information by cost group
  • Detailed drilling into information and the causes for deviations 

Anticipate final costs

  • Fact-based forecasting of total costs
  • Costs allocated by cost group
  • Levels of readiness 

Anticipate total revenue

  • Predict revenue easily
  • Draw up a revenue accrual curve
  • Manage contract invoicing
  • Manage change orders invoicing 

Connects information to the company's BI systems  

  • Reporting is a database of actualised costs and profits. In the reporting, all costs of the project are recorded per cost group and invoice. Reporting is a database of actualized costs and profits, where all project costs are meticulously recorded per cost group and invoice.
  • Reporting provides good interfaces for seamlessly transferring information to the company's BI systems.
  • Analyse, create statistics, and generate summaries, such as per resource group. 

Integrations into financial management 

Effective financial management plays a crucial role in overseeing a construction company. Hence, we have seamlessly integrated financial management and payroll features into our production software. This ensures you always have a real-time view of the financial situation and cash flow of your projects.

Integrations with other financial management systems:

    • Netvisor
    • Procountor
    • Lemonsoft
    • Heeros
    • SAP
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