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Efficiently scheduled construction workers working in the construction site

Admicom Planner

A comprehensive solution for construction schedule planning management.

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Admicom Planner

Admicom Planner is Finland's most popular construction site schedule management software, equipped with various tools for efficient project planning. The solution allows users to easily structure project timelines and reduce wasted time between tasks. 

Our cost monitoring tool, Admicom Insite, complements the scheduling solution, offering excellent support for production management. 

4 reasons to choose Admicom Planner

Efficient scheduling

Precisely schedule projects and minimize downtime between tasks.

Adaptable to user needs

When creating a schedule, users can determine the level of precision required. Planner can always be adjusted to suit the specific purpose of use.

Tailored for the construction industry

Planner has been meticulously developed to cater to the unique requirements of the construction industry. It makes it simple to create and manage different project schedules.

Risk management through planning

Reduce risks by planning and monitoring schedules throughout the entire project. Allocate resources and labor effectively across different project phases.


"When scheduling a project, tasks can be linked and rearranged. By modifying one task, the entire sequence adjusts accordingly, mirroring the physical progression on construction sites." 

- Henry Haatainen - 

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Admicom Planner – Key features

With Admicom Planner, you can easily manage construction projects and scheduling. Read more about the features below.

Different options to schedule planning 

Create schedules in various different ways for different purposes and users. Whether starting from scratch or leveraging information from cost estimation, creating a schedule can be achieved through copying from an Excel sheet or manual data entry. 

Variety of schedule types 

Planner allows the creation of different schedule types in a single session, using various views based on your needs. When editing tasks, changes reflect instantly in other views. For instance, initiate a general schedule using the Gantt-chart view and later add details for a more comprehensive examination in the Line-of-Balance view. 

Resource management 

In Planner, resource allocation provides users with additional information during schedule creation and in the finalised schedule. Enter costs and income for tasks, offering insights into task and construction site finances.  Importing information from cost estimation and the plug-in, featuring Finland-specific production rates for various construction tasks, the resources are already prepared for the schedule, and if needed, they can be refined to suit your specific needs.

Progress tracking 

Monitor on-site progress through various methods, allowing each schedule and schedule user to choose a monitoring approach that suits them. Apart from tracking plans, you can monitor goals set for different purposes. 

Data transfer

Effortlessly transfer data between software, ensuring transparency and enabling data sharing in a format suitable for everyone. Create schedules for different project phases and use Planner to combine files into a streamlined, easily manageable view. 

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